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Welcome!  If you or a friend or loved one are suffering from out-of-control sexual behavior then you are in the right place.

Bright Hearts is the mantel of people who have decided to come out of the shadows of sexual shame and live in the light of grace and new beginnings. The light of sexual and relational truth is shining bright for those who realize that sex is celebration and beauty when shared in the context of a loving, committed relationship but a source of darkness, compulsion, shame, and consequence when practiced only for self-gratification.

But there is great hope no matter where you are on the spectrum because evidenced-based recovery principles have been established that allow those courageous enough to embark in new directions to change their lives.

So whether you’re just starting to explore the possibility of getting some help or you’re on the verge of desperation, browse and search these pages to find counseling, treatment, educational brochures, books, support group info as well as ministry and referral resources. Resources and help for spouses and family members of those struggling with sexual addiction are here as well.